They're living Rich Lives

And you can, too. Get inspired by these IWT students who took control of their careers, finances, and psychology and ask yourself — what would it mean for you to live life on YOUR terms?

“Before I followed Ramit's Dream Job program I was stuck in my first job after college doing consulting and hating it / finding it a slog. So I started the Dream Job Program and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Thanks to the program and the work I put in I got a job working in the data department of a payment company and loved it. Coming to work became exciting again.”

Oswin Frans, Dream Job Student

"Hey, I did it!"


“I followed your method exactly in my sales email sequence, and earned $3000 in 4 days.”

Tolu Michaels, Endless Audience Student

“I learned about the PERFECT company hiring remotely all over the world. It matched my interest and values and sounded all-around awesome. I thought I'd never stand a chance, so I got Dream Job. Now I wish I signed up sooner! Ramit's detailed plan made it all attainable and achievable. Fast forward five years, I work remotely for the best company I could ever dream of, making past me very proud. I travel the world with my wife, who also works remotely.”

Artur Piszek, Dream Job Student

“After working as a management consultant for years and being out of town every weekday, I didn't get the chance to take or pick up my two young kids from their school. By the time my kids started taking a school bus, I had transitioned into my own business where I could work from home. It feels like a beautiful luxury every morning when I get to take them to the bus stop.”

Nagina Abdullah, Earnable Student

“The IWT online courses are just priceless. The lessons in Advanced Personal Finance gave me the confidence to make decisions that I would not have done one year ago. Even though 2020 was miserable in many aspects for many people, it was a turning point for me, especially the mental aspect. Thanks to the online courses prepared by Ramit and his team, I feel invigorated and excited about what comes next”

Alex Bousamra, Advanced Personal Finance Student

“In the ~90 days following the course, I have added $78K to my existing revenue stream both in the form of high ticket projects and bringing on new retainer clients to my marketing agency. This is over 10X ROI on the course fee”

Jordan Scheltgen, Six Figure Consulting Student

“After just several weeks of Earnable, before I could even finish the entire course (and with less than 100 people in my email list), I earned $10,000.”

Thalia Toha, Earnable Student

“Using the Dream Job techniques, I landed a job out of state without interviewing in person. I also negotiated a salary 5k higher than initially offered, and 12k higher than my previous job! And I'd never negotiated a salary before!”

Izzy Oneiric, Dream Job Student