At IWT, we believe:

  • You don’t need an app to increase your productivity: Getting your mindsight right will help you stop procrastinating more than any app or hack.
  • Social skills are skills: You can learn how to be confident, speak naturally, make friends and more just with practice.
  • Your biggest growth is ahead of you, if you adopt an abundance mindset instead of scarcity and learn to think big.

How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating

Stop waiting for motivation to strike and learn how to take action today.

How to stop being lazy

Find out the root cause of laziness so you can stop being lazy for good.

Learn more about Mental Mastery

Our program Mental Mastery shows you how to go from Lazy to Driven.

How to develop confidence

Learn more about Mental Mastery

Learn how to overcome your fear of failure and develop unshakeable confidence.

How to build confidence

Confidence is a skill you can learn like any other.

People mingling at even

How to make small talk

Never let your mind go blank while meeting new people again.

Learn to think big

Women talking at conference

There’s No Limit to How Much You Can Earn

You’re a hard-working, top performer — does your income reflect that? Most people leave money on the table because they don’t have the systems in place to earn more. We’ll help you uncover your hidden earning potential and share our best tips for unlocking it. Take the quiz below and see how much your monthly income could grow.

man writing in a notebook

How to develop a growth mindset

Don’t let fixed thinking hold you back from reaching your potential

How to find a mentor

Think bigger and achieve more by enlisting the help of others

Learn more about our Success Triggers program

This video from our Success Triggers program will walk you through the steps to become more ambitious.