At IWT, we believe:

  • Getting started is more important than becoming an expert: People love to debate minutiae, but when it comes to investing or saving for retirement it’s better to take action.
  • You have to let go of toxic money beliefs: Many of us have internalized ideas about money that are just plain wrong. Acknowledging and letting go of your invisible scripts can radically change your behavior around money. 
  • Money is made for spending: Everyone talks about how to save money, but almost no one teaches you how to spend. Our philosophy is simple: spend extravagantly on the things you love, and cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t. 

How do I get started with investing?

Investing for beginners: A quick and easy guide

Use the ladder of personal finance to get started with investing today.

The world’s easiest guide to retirement accounts

Learn the basics of retirement accounts so you can start saving today

Buy All the Lattes You Want

The classic New York Times bestseller with over 1 million copies sold. Choose the right accounts & investments so your money grows for you—automatically. No guilt or excuses. Just a guilt-free plan that works.

Get everything you need to start investing in less than 3 minutes:

How do I change my beliefs about money?

Learn to identify and let go of the toxic money beliefs that are holding you back.

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How to identify the invisible scripts that control our lives

Get to the root of your money problems so you can finally solve them for good.

How to stop worrying about money

Can’t stop worrying about money, even though you’ve done everything right? We walk you through the best strategies to let go of your money worries for good.

What should I spend my money on?

How to create a conscious spending plan

How my friend spends over $21,000 a year on going out, without ruining their finances

How much to spend on an engagement ring

Ignore the rule of ‘2 months salary’. Use these rules instead to make one of the most important purchases of your life

Stop feeling guilty for spending money on the things you love. Here’s how to buy anything, guilt-free.

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There’s No Limit to How Much You Can Earn

You’re a hard-working, top performer — does your income reflect that? Most people leave money on the table because they don’t have the systems in place to earn more. We’ll help you uncover your hidden earning potential and share our best tips for unlocking it. Take the quiz below and see how much your monthly income could grow.