At IWT, we believe:

  • You have to study the winners: By learning from the best, you can discover the strategies to systematically find the job of your dreams.
  • Fulfilling work is possible: The new ‘9-5’ includes flexibility, great perks, and a chance to do work you love. 
  • Your career will have seasons: Everyone’s career goes through three seasons: Growth, Lifestyle, and Reinvention. We’ll help you navigate each of them.

What are career seasons?

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The Growth Season: How do I become a top performer?

Learn more about our Success Triggers program.

This video from our Success Triggers program teaches you the number one quality that separates top performers from everyone else.

How to get promoted in 6 months

A simple 3 step plan to becoming a top performer and getting the recognition you deserve

Woman speaking to a crowd

How to build your network

Use these exact scripts to build a network that can create dozens of opportunities

Top performers use ‘competence triggers’ to nail interviews and land dream jobs. Learn how to master this skill.

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There’s No Limit to How Much You Can Earn

You’re a hard-working, top performer — does your income reflect that? Most people leave money on the table because they don’t have the systems in place to earn more. We’ll help you uncover your hidden earning potential and share our best tips for unlocking it. Take the quiz below and see how much your monthly income could grow.

The Lifestyle Season: How do I balance work and home?

Learn more about our Dream Job program.

Negotiate for perks that give you more freedom and flexibility – like remote work.

How to ask for vacation days

Use these scripts to ask your boss for time off and get it

How to work less and make more

Use the 80/20 rule to spend more time doing the things you love

What our students have to say:

“After working as a management consultant for years and being out of town every weekday, I didn’t get the chance to take or pick up my two young kids from their school. 

By the time my kids started taking a school bus, I had transitioned into my own business where I could work from home. It feels like a beautiful luxury every morning when I get to take them to the bus stop, play and talk to them while they wait, give them a huge hug and kiss before they get on, and then blow them kisses as the bus takes them to school.”

-Nagina Abdullah, Earnable student

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The Reinvention Season: How do I make a change?

When to quit a job

It may be time to move on, but don’t quit without first asking for what you want

How to find your dream job

Decide what you want out of your career so you can find a job you love

This amazing case study shows how a law school dropout reinvented her career to become a six-figure earner, and you can too.

Learn more about our Dream Job program