Join the team that helps millions of people

What if you could join a team and…

Learn more in 3 months than you did all of last year?
Surround yourself with fun, smart coworkers from around the world?
Help millions of people improve their finances, start a business, and find their dream jobs — and see the results of your work in under a week?

The (rowdy) IWT family at our annual company offsite

…and what if you could do it all from anywhere in the world?

It’s possible at IWT

Join us and…
Work with the BEST

It matters who you work with.

We’ve brought together some of the brightest, quirkiest, and most talented minds in the industry and we’re always looking for the next A-player to join our team.

We know you’re good at what you do. But we are here to help you become GREAT. Our IWT family members have worked at venture-backed tech start ups, major marketing companies, and Fortune 100 companies. And all of us work together to push each other and to the next level.

We tackle big opportunities

We’ve written a New York Times best-selling book in personal finance.

We’ve helped tens of thousands with their career.

We’ve also launched an entire brand on entrepreneurship.

Our core philosophy focuses on tackling big areas to improve in life where we have a unique perspective: personal finance, careers, entrepreneurship, psychology — even fitness and food. We’re not afraid of competition because our perspective on human behavior gives us an edge in helping our customers achieve big results.

Our business isn’t built on pageviews or venture funding. We’re 100% funded by customers. That means we have to pick problems big enough — and solve them — that our customers will open up their wallets and pay for our solutions.

You may have heard that “people don’t pay for anything on the internet.” Or “people don’t read long posts online.” We don’t believe it, because we have tens of thousands of customers who pay for our online courses.

Solving hard problems also drives us in our marketing strategies, editorial process, and technical infrastructure. If you relish big challenges, we should talk.

If that’s you, take a look at some of our open positions. We’d love to have you on the team.

Meet Our Students

Amazing benefits

Work from anywhere

We expect you to work hard but give you the freedom to do it anywhere you want.

Best-in-class insurance

We provide great health, dental, vision & life insurance plans for US employees through an easy-to-use online provider.

Company match 401K

We offer a 401k plan for US employees, with top-rated funds and a generous employer match.

Plenty of vacation time

Life isn’t all work. That’s why we offer generous paid time off so you can focus on your Rich Life.

The qualities we look for

We’ve built a company that embodies the qualities we look for:

  • We’ve never raised a dime of venture capital — 100% of our business is funded by our customers — which gives us the ability to think long term and spend years on R&D to build the industry’s highest-quality products.
  • We believe in scale. We’re not interested in small products that help a small amount of people. We build for hundreds of thousands of people to join and apply our material. That scale includes our technology, marketing, and automation.
  • We believe in being the best. In a world of commodity products and ever-lowering prices, we believe there’s always room for the best.

We also look for special qualities in our teammates.

Solve hard problems. We’re driven by hard problems if they have a big payoff. The harder it gets, the more we shine. If you’re driven by tough intellectual and technical challenges, we’re interested in talking to you.

Move fast. This is a startup. We move fast and iterate. This isn’t a fit for everyone.

Be weird. You have to be a little weird to work here. You have to be a little weird to push yourself when you’re already great. We get it and love it. So be weird. You’re in good company.

We’d love to hear from you

Think you’ll thrive at IWT? Think you’ve got what it takes to push our business forward? We want to talk to you!

Here are positions we have available.