Coronavirus: Hope, Inspiration, and Information

I believe 3 things are true right now:

  1. I believe coronavirus is going to get much worse before things recover.
  2. I also believe that in times like this, panic is bad, but overreaction is good.
  3. Finally, I believe we need to help our employees, our customers, and our community.

Here’s my plan to do that.

Our employees:

  • Last week, I held an all-team meeting where we emphasized how fortunate we are to work remotely. I reassured them that their health — and families’ health — comes first.
  • I issued a $1,000 coronavirus stipend for anything someone on my team needs. Just expense it to IWT and we’ll cover it.
  • I asked them to fill out a contingency plan in case they get sick, so the company would know how to pick up on their work immediately.
  • We announced a hiring freeze, just in case. Better to overreact now than to panic later.

Our customers:

We know that in times of crisis, every dollar counts. For any IWT customer on a payment plan: If you need financial help, we’re offering a 2-month grace period on your payments. Please contact support[email protected] and we’ll help you.

Our community:

  • It can be hard to think ahead right now when so many of us are worried about money, jobs, savings, and security. Especially if you’re overwhelmed with family or children. But I also know that many of us are wondering what happens next.
  • Starting this week, I’m hosting “Fireside Chats with Ramit” — every night, until this is over. I’ll be covering a topic you request on money, business, and psychology, and answering your questions via livestream on my Instagram account:
  • This is totally free.
  • I’ll host these Fireside Chats until this is over. Here’s the schedule of the next few days:

Schedule of Ramit's fireside chats live on Instagram

Join the Fireside Chats on Instagram (@ramit).

For people without Instagram…hang tight. I’ll try to cross-post on YouTube, but right now I just want to get started.

And if you have ideas for topics you want me to cover, email me! (Just reply here. They all come directly to me.)

Here are just a few of the 1,000+ suggestions I’ve received since Sunday night:

message from struggling actress looking for ways to earn more money Message asking when to use emergency fund

Message asking how to advance our career during pandemic Message asking how to develop productive habits during quarantine


  • Yes, we plan to launch Earnable, our new program on how to start an online business. I think it’s even more important now, as I get messages like this:

Message asking what to do if your industry is dying

I understand nobody wants to listen to someone being tone-deaf and launching some random product right now. So I’m going to de-emphasize some of the glamorous traveling stuff I’d planned to talk about. Yes, Earnable can help you achieve that Rich Life, but I don’t think that’s what most of us are thinking about right now.

Instead, a lot of us are asking, “How do I create a second stream of income?” “What happens if I lose my job?” Or “What happens if I can’t go back to work for a long time?”

Earnable can help you build a stable second stream of income, so no matter what happens, you’re in control of your career. It launches on Tuesday, March 24th.

IWT is here to give you hope, information, and inspiration, even during times like this.

We’re here to help our employees, our customers, and our community — whether you attend our Fireside Chats, whether you’re already one of our customers and need financial help, or whether you join our new business program.

As always, thank you.


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